Silver Jubilee & 2nd Anniversary Edition of Samarpan on the eve of Holy Aradhana Day at Dharmakshetra - 23rd April 2017 - Mobile Photos

On a holy, blissful & blessed evening of Silver Jubilee & 2nd Anniversary edition of Samarpan at Dharmakshetra, Mumbai, we witnessed Swami's Divine Leela unfold in myriad forms. 

The program began with glimpses from Swami's visit to Kodai Kanal about a decade ago, which followed by two brothers from Samarpan Team sharing their personal experiences of how Swami was involved in every element of Samarpan - right from selection of dates, selection of speakers & even videos to be shown. 

Indeed Swami can never be restricted to His Physical Frame! 

As program progressed, the sea of Sai devotees numbering 500+ listened with rapt attention some of the rear experiences of Swami as narrated by the guest speaker Brother Abhimanyu Kaul who had traveled from Delhi. 

This was followed by Music program by Sai Youth of Mumbai who sang some of Swami's favourite songs, thereby bringing alive some of the fond memories to all.

The magical evening came to a close as entire Sai family resolved to carry Swami in their Hearts and enjoy His proximity forever.

We offer our heartfelt gratitude to Swami & pray to Him to bless us all.

Silver Jubilee & 2nd Anniversary Edition of Samarpan & musical programme at Dharmakshetra - 23rd April 2017